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Totek - Asterisk VoIP (SIP) News & Technology Source

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Sunday, 28 January 2007

Welcome to Totek - Voip News and Technology Source. The original intention for this site was to support my Open Source project  SimplePBX. Having looked at the logs very carefully I have determined that most of the users landing on ths site are interested  in Asterisk and the latest Voip news. I have decided to focus more in this area and provide better coverage of all Voip technologies. My Open Source project will still fully supported on this site but as time goes on it will not be the main focus.

If you arrived here by looking for SimplePBX than keep reading. SimplePBX is a dial plan and configuration manager for the Asterisk Open Source VoIP and Telephony server. SimplePBX is written in Object Pascal using the excellent Open Source compiler Freepascal. All configuration data is stored in a MySql database. Unlike other dial plan managers SimplePBX is strictly a console application. This has its advantages and disadvantages but was done this way because I am an old school Turbo Pascal programmer and I just wanted to create an application the best way I knew how.

The main advantage in creating a console application is speed. Applications can be created and debugged much faster than web based applications.  Console applications also benefit from the built in SSH when being accessed from a remote system. Another benefit is the size of the application and the amount of files that need to be installed on a host system.

The reason that SimplePBX was created was as a project for me to learn Linux and Asterisk. So far this has turned out be a great decision because I have extended my skills as well as my professional interests. I have learned a great deal about Voip and Telephony servers. There is allot to learn still and I hope to apply future knowledge back into this project.

I have chosen to support a multi tenant environment because there is a need for this. This is not just for TSP's but also small business and homes offices. Many small business share office space, a receptionist, Internet, and now a PBX system. With single tenant system companies are forced to setup a PBX for each company. This is time consuming and expensive. With a Multi tenant system a PBX can serve multiple companies by sharing the costs and benefits evenly.

In a home office environment a PBX makes a one man company sound like a fortune 500 company. The benefits of a multi tenant system also allow the same PBX to be used as an advanced answering machine for the home line. Your business, home number, and additional voip lines for the kids become a manageable system.


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