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Ringtone Generator for Linksys SPA941/SPA942/SPA962 PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Web Master   
Sunday, 29 July 2007
Here is a cool utility that allows you to change your ringtone on your Linksys SPA9xx phones. The Linksys phones allow you to store up to two user selectable ringtones.

The ringtone generator originally written for the Sipura branded  phones also works with the Linksys SPA941/SPA942/SPA962 phones. It will convert a standard Windows WAV file and upload to your phone. The utility can also be used for just converting WAV files to ringtone format. Just select <skip> button from the main screen instead of typing in your phones ip.

Once you have converted your WAV files to ringtone format you can have your Linksys IP phone download them using a TFTP server. From a browser enter the following:

http://phone-ip/ringtone1?tftp://tftpserver-ip/ringtone1.dat       <-- IP phone downloads ringtone one from TFTP server

http://phone-ip/ringtone2?tftp://tftpserver-ip/ringtone2.dat       <-- IP phone downloads ringtone two from TFTP server


From your Linksys phone select Option 4 for Ringtone configuration. Select the extension you want to change the ringtone for. From your list of options you should be able to see the ringtones  that were downloaded to the phone, they should be at the bottom of the list.

If anyone figures out what format the ringtones are in please let me know. I have used sox to create a ulaw file at  8000 sampling rate with a single channel but this doesn't appear to work. It looks like there is additional information that the Ringtone Utility adds like the ringtone name.