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Linksys/Sipura SPA3000 – Crystal Clear with 3.1.20 (GW) firmware! PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Web Master   
Friday, 03 August 2007
I've been using the SPA3000 for almost a year now. Its a great little device to hack around with. I have used it for all kinds of experiments. It's a great way to test Asterisk routing and trunking. I have used it to experiment with IP dialing and hotline setup. Right now I have setup with my Slug (NSLU2) to play around with Asterisk 1.4.9.

Every time I find a new use for it I keep thinking that the engineer that designed was a complete genius! I still think I haven't tapped out the full use out of this device. The only complaint I had about this device was the echo issues when using the PSTN/FXO line port. I have changed all the configurations options available but I was only able to improve things slightly.

I know a lot of factors come into play with PSTN lines and it just seemed this device was great for hacking but nothing more. The VOIP aspect has always worked out great for me but I really couldn't recommend this to customers as a good ATA that handled a PSTN line.

Sipura/Linksys have always offered other ATA's like the SPA100x/200x/PAP2 that just did voip as well as the 3000. Recommending an SPA3000 to a regular user or client was just asking for problems so I have held back. Even though the SPA3000 is no longer manufactured by Linksys they are continuing with the SPA3102 which is essentially the same device with a built in router.

I noticed that Linksys had a firmware release for the SPA3000 and I thought I'd give it a shot and see if the echo canceler on the PSTN had improved. I upgraded the device and set everything back to factory settings. Doing a factory default seems to clear many issues with firmware upgrading. This is true of many manufacturers and not just Linksys.

To my great surprise all my PSTN echo issue went away. So far two days later without a reboot and no problems. Great job Linksys! If the SPA3000 keeps up the quality and doesn't freeze or require any reboots I may have to purchase an SPA3102 to test. If it performs as well as my current SPA3000 with the latest firmware I may start using this for customers that only need a one line backup or fail over to go with their their current VOIP setup.

Get the 3.1.20 (GW) firmware from Linksys site.