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Friday, 03 August 2007
PIKA Analog Board

 While searching Google for all things relating to Asterisk, I discovered PIKA Technologies. I may have seen the name before, but it wasn't something I associated with Asterisk hardware. What caught my eye was that PIKA was having a FREE board promotion.


What can I say, everyone loves free stuff. I thought this might turn into a huge online campaign, going through a hundred websites and signing up for services I wasn't really interested in, in the hopes that I might get the promised item. As it turned out it was a simple online form with only a couple of questions.

PIKA wanted to hear from anyone who had an interesting solution, for their Telephony boards. So I wrote to them about what I'm currently doing with Asterisk, and what I would be doing with their hardware. The next day I received a phone call from Brett, a representative from PIKA Technologies. After some additional questions about my plans for the Telephony board, he informed me that he would be shipping one to me. I spoke to Brett on Friday and received the board the following Tuesday morning; excellent service considering this is hardware they are giving away.

The board I chose and received is the Low Density Analog Board, which supports four analog lines, or three analog lines and a headset. I was expecting something that resembled my Digium TDM400P card; it looked nothing like it, and had completely different chips on the board.

I will be doing a full installation of the PIKA board, and testing how well it works with current versions of Asterisk in the next few days.

If there are any individuals or companies out there that have something interesting being developed using Asterisk and Telephony hardware, you might want to take a few minutes and fill out the online form at the following link. It's not to often that companies have promotions like this!