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Linksys Fixes LVS9000 Setup Wizard! PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 27 September 2007

 One of the main problems with Linksys LVS9000 system is that in order to support this product you need the right tools. The main tool for configuring the LVS9000 has been the Setup Wizard, not the greatest piece of software ever written but good enough to get a working system in minutes instead of hours.

At some point an upgrade to the SPA400 firmware broke the Setup Wizard. Now this may not sound like a huge problem but when you are supporting these devices and your main tool is broken it creates a lot of problems. The customers of these devices have spent anywhere from $1000 to $1500 to have an LVS9000 with SPA400 and some SPA IP phones.

The customers of these devices have small budgets and as a support company we really can't spend our sweet time trying to figure out where the problem is. From a cost factor it's just easier to upgrade firmware, use Setup Wizard and have things running again.

Plus in many cases the customer will want to add another phone to the system. Guiding them through the setup Wizard is much easier than multiple web interfaces for the SPA phones, SPA9000, and SPA400 (for voicemail).

With the release of Setup Wizard Linksys has finally fixed this so all supported LVS9000 is detected and properly configured. The Setup Wizard can be download from Linksys or the download section from this website.




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