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Written by Joe Robertson   
Thursday, 15 November 2007

 VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is the newest in technology in terms of audio communications. Its way of working is legendary. It streamlines the sending process of information which is in the form of audio signals in to digital signals, which are much easier to send.


There are a few types of VOIP calling that are available. The computer to computer is the most widely used VOIP system. For installing this, a sound card needs to be installed in the computer and also the microphones with Internet connection. You may choose the broadband or the DSL, a regular dial up modem will be too slow and the quality of the sound will be very poor. Besides these you will also need software that can provide you with all the things you need for smooth VOIP communications.

If you need a VOIP system for extensive use, for example, your business, going in for an IP phone is a very good idea. It looks exactly like a regular phone save for the fact that it has VOIP compatibility. All basic necessities like the hardware and the software are built in and you wouldn't need to buy them specially.

If you want something that is absolutely new, it has to be the Wi-Fi phone. It simply uses the short distance Internet transmission provided by VOIP to substitute all the Cell phone calls. It uses the frequency and wavelength of a radio wave to cover all short distance communications.

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The ATA or the analog telephone adaptor helps you connect a standard phone to the Internet to take advantage of the VOIP options. It converts the analog signals into digital ones as these are easy to transmit over the Internet.

VOIP is very useful and with time and popularity, long distance charges will become a nightmare from the past. If more and more people go in for VOIP, very few people will remain who would be foolish enough to settle for paying very high prices to make a phone call.

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Joe, a reporter, has been traveling around the world for more than a decade now and has extensive experience in many fields. Now he has a blog along with other article writers. To know more about him, do visit: Passive Income from your Website


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