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SPA400 Firmware Update PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 04 September 2007

 Linksys has updated the SPA400 firmware. No major changes to fix ongoing issues with SPA9000/LVS9000.

Note that when the SPA400 is used with a properly configured  Asterisk Server as an FXO gateway these registration problems do not occure. It looks like these problems occure only when using the SPA400/SPA9000 together. As a personal note I have decided to no longer support the SPA400/SPA9000 as complete PBX solution for small offices. Linksys has done very little to improve the firmware/software for this product.

I still beleive that the SPA400 as just a gateway is a great product as well as the Linksys SPA941/942 series IP phones. These products when used with Asterisk work great. It seems the big problem with Linksys solution is the LVS9000.

From the release note:

NTP feature works now even if DNS is not configured correctly SPA400 won't take the battery reversal as disconnect signal, if the web GUI option is choose to be "loop current as disconnect signal". This option in on the "Voice" tag.

 Latest and older firmware can be found here.


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