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HPEC Build Broken in Zaptel 1.4.9, 14.9.1, PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Web Master   
Thursday, 20 March 2008

 Having problems compiling Zaptel 1.4.9 to the current release ?

Your not doing anything wrong it looks like makefile is broken. Zaptel 1.4.8 release compiles just fine. All other releases to don't compile with the hpec build. Wihout the hpec the Zaptel drivers compile just fine. If you don't need Digium's HPEC driver support than there are no problems. If you have come to rely on this piece of software than you have to wait until Digium releases a fix for this. It looks like after changing the /zaptel/hpec directory to zaptel/kernel/hpec somone didn't bother doing a full test with HPEC driver.



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