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FreePBX 2.4 'all-circuits-busy-now' PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 11 July 2008

 Have you ever thought you are going crazy with the all circuits busy message. No matter who you are and no matter how many times you have installed FreePBX this has happened to you!

 Why does this happen? The most likely cause is usually not having your codec order defined properly or missing completely. FreePBX doesn't do everything for you and you have to know what files to edit manually and put your codec order in place. Check in sip.conf to see what files are pulled in.

Now what bugs me is the latest FreePBX upgrade. Does it work? Yes it does. Nice piece of software. Are the upgrades done well? Yes..most of the time everything works out. What's the problem then?

If you are like me you don't trust using the backup/restore tool. Why is that? Well since I dicovered that I really couldn't upgrade my Asterisk 1.2 boxes to Asterisk 1.4 it became rather useless. I have used the tried and true process of cutting and pasting my trunk and other PBX settings to text files. This amzing low tech method has served me well until FreePBX

Unlike previous versions of FreePBX (like 2.3.1) your trunk setting rules are not automaically sorted in the input box. So your allow=ulaw command doesn't appear at the top of the list. Where you put it is where it stays! This is great that's how I always wanted it to behave.

In previous versions though FreePBX was smart enough to know that even though the allow statement was sorted and placed first in the input box it wrote it in correct order when it created the sip.conf files. In it writes them in the order you have placed them!

If you are doing your regular upgrades than FreePBX actually sorts all this out for you.

If however you are like me (and I know I am not alone here) that you install FreePBX from scratch and cut and paste your settings from other 'live' boxes or settings you have saved in a file. This will fail and cause you numerous headaches because the solution is fron of your face but you can't see it!

The solution to this problem is to look at your trunk settings and make sure that your disallow statement in your trunks is first followed by your allow statement.

In FreePBX your trunk allow/disallow statement must be in this order:






In FreePBX 2.3.1 and earlier they can be in any order but are sorted out alphabetically so that they appear this way

allow= g729




This is perfectly valid in and earlier but not valid in FreePBX

 I hope that the frustration I have gone through isn't get repeated by others.






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