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Grandstream GXP 2000 SIP Voip Phone Review PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 04 September 2007

 This phone has been arround for a long time and I know what most of you are thinking. For the most part this phone has had a terrible history. You only need to look at the firmware release notes to see the vast amounts of bugs and fixes for this phone. Until recently this phone has been plagued with quality issues and features that just did not work or work reliably.

As part of an order I was placing through for some other hardware I opted to just get this as an impulse buy because of the price. Normally this phone doesn't cost much online to begin with and when had this $75 it was worth just testing out. Even with all the problems I already knew about.

I have encountered this phone before at a couple of clients sites so I knew the web configuration interface and the sound quality. What I did notice right off the bat was that my phone must have been a newer version because the LED's on my phone were green and red which lead me to check the version of my phone. From the status screen I can see that my hardware is 1.2B.

The first things I checkout on a phone is how well the speaker phone works and initiate a call and see if it can go atleast 20 minutes without any problems. As simple this test seems it does reveal a lot about a phone if you listen really carefully. The phone passed my simple test and I decided to make it my test phone.

It's been over 10 months and the phone is working well. I have found a few things wrong with it but not more than other IP phones. First for a cheap phone the speaker phone works incredibly well, much better than my Linksys SPA941 which has low speaker volume and at some point the speaker phone just stops working for several seconds.

It's not only my SPA941 i have tested several of them with the same problem. If you haven't encountered this problem try and use your phone more than 10 minutes on speaker phone. Enough about the SPA941 this review is about the GXP 2000.

The GXP works very well with Asterisk, the speed dial/BLF function buttons work out of the box with the Asterisk 1.4.x releases. The buttons do sometimes stay red instead of turing green but I'm sure Grandstream will have another firmware update. BTW my current firmware is

The sound quality is just a little get used to it after a while. At first I thought the dial buttons were a little oversized but once you get use to them you think other phone dial buttons are just too small.

One interesting feature of the GXP 2000 is that whe you start dialing the number is shown on the display in a bigger font. As you enter more numbers the font reduces in size to fit the entire number on the display. Nice feature, have not seen this on any other phone.

The GXP 2000 is 4 line phone with back lit display. The navigation buttons are simple, the IP address is listed always on the display so you don't have to go looking for it. There are 7 LED/Buttons that can be programmed for speed dial/BLF. With a small office there is no need to get a sidecar module like other phones which saves you a lot of money.

The intercom/paging works perfectly with FreePBX, you only need to enable a couple of options in the web gui. The phone also supports PoE and has two network ports which allows you easily integrate in environments where there is already computer cabling. You just plug you phone into the existing LAN cable and plug you computer into the secondary port of the phone. In a small office this can save a company $1000 or so by not needing additional cabling/switches.

One other interesting feature about this phone is that one of the ring tones will actually start talking out the caller id. If your sight is not as good as it used to be or your just old this might be worth looking into. With the big buttons this could be an old timers dream phone!

I have tested the phone in a LAN and WAN environment and it works equally well. I would recommend this phone for home and small offices. It provides many feature and well worth the price with the most current firmware. Grandstream currently has new line of phones that look slightly better looking but I think the internal chipsets and hardware used is the same.



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