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Linksys WRV200 Wireless Router Review PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 04 September 2007

 This has to be the absolute worste product I have ever owned from Linksys. It's probably one of the nicest looking products from Linksys but a complete waste of money.

The WRV200 is very porone to freezing. At first I thought this may be a heating related issue. You would be surprised to know how many product problems I have solved at clients sites by properly mounting equipment on racks or walls. Propper ventilation and keeping the temperature within product specs will allow your hardware to meet and most times exceed the designed product life time.

Those Linksys WRT54G routers that you see most often complained about online do not have poor hardware. Most of the failures are caused because users put them on their desk covered by other items, under their desks by a heater. Just puting a an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper on one of these routers will cause it to overheat over time and eventually fail!

Unfortuantely the Linksys WRV200 fails even with proper mounting and ventilation. The Linksys WRV200 is loaded with features like VPN, QoS, multiple wireless SSID's. All of which mean nothing if you can't use the product more than a few minutes at a time.

To be completely fair I have been able to keep this product in use for a few days if I keep my load on the device very low. This just includes regular web surfing and email. If I start to do any kind of heavy downloading or use VOIP at the same time it doesn't take long before the router freezes. Even with the simplest settings this router is very erratic.

It looks like many of the problems with this router may be hardware related. With the most recent firmware as of this writing the WRV200 is still freezing. It does appear that Linksys has released a WRV210 which probably corrects many of the problems because it appears to be exactly the same feature set. I haven't tested the WRV210 so I can't say for sure if that's any better.

If you were thinking of purchasing the WRV200 for VPN or VOIP or just to use as a plain router save yourself some money and a lot of frustration by keeping clear of this product. Please note that for the most part I think Linksys products are great and are generally worth the price that Linksys charges for them. The WRV200 is not one of those great products!



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