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Welltech WG3512 Wireless Router with FXS/PSTN PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 04 September 2007

 The Welltech WG3512 was an impulse purchase that was part of an order for some other VOIP hardware. Paying $60 for shipping just for one item seemed like a waste of money. To offset shipping I added another item to the order wich ended up being the WG3512.

The box looked really tiny so I naturally though they sent me the wrong product. After unpacking it I realized that there was no mistake. The picture of the item on Welltech site looked bigger than the product I received. It's about half the size of a WRT54G. <!-- @page { size: 21.59cm 27.94cm; margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } -->

I didn't expect much from the WG3512 even though it had some great specs on paper. For the price I expected a product that would have many problems. I've bought no name brand cheap asian routers before so I expected problems. A four port LAN wireless router with two FXS ports and one PSTN port seemed to good to be true.

First impressions were good..however the asian products have a nack for assigning LAN/DHCP address schemes which are not standard. After looking at the Welltech site I downloaded the user guide and was able to login to the router with the defaults. The included mini cd didn't have the manuals for this router. The cd included manuals for many Welltech products but not this one. I guess someone slipped in an old cd. No big deal.

After logging into the router I quickly configured my DSL PPPoE settings and changed all the LAN/DHCP settings to something I was more use to. The router was upto date with the most recent firmware so I didn't have to update anything.

When I first read the specs on Welltech's site I expected the PSTN port to mean FXO – in that it could be used as a trunk with Asterisk. I just thought it was some kind of asian to english translation error. Well it's not! The PSTN port is just used a failover to a PSTN line. It cannot be used as an FXO port to do trunking from Asterisk or any other voip system. The PSTN port is used in conjuction with FXS ports. The attached Phones could use the PSTN to dial out. It basically allows the router to act as a fancy splitter for the attached phones.

The FXS ports do work as expected. You can register them is Asterisk and use them just like any other ATA. The caller ID seems to only handle the digits and not the name. Maybe the next firmware will fix this.

Another item that does not work entirely is the DDNS (Dynamic DNS). This feature works when you boot/reboot the device or select apply changes button in the DDNS menu. It will not work if the WAN IP address changes while the router is operating normally. This kind of defeats the entire reason for having the DDNS. I have reported this Welltech support. Lets see if they fix this feature.

The product is described as having QoS and it does. It's however not how I expected QoS to be configured. There are some QoS options that can be changed but for the most part the QoS is not user managed. You do not have priority settings, the router does this automatically. The surprising thing is that this router has the best QoS I have tested on a low end router.

I have not been able to crash the router so far. This includes sending huge amounts of data through rsync, http downloads, and watching youtube videos. I was maxing out my DSL bandwidth but I was not able to crash the router. I also made a few voip calls during the heavy downloading and everything was crystal clear. This was a completely unexpected from this little router.

Some other cool features of this router is it can act as wireless repeater client as well as the default access point. I didn't have a second Welltech 3512 to test with so I don't know how well these features work.

On my wish list of features for this product would be an actual FXO port. Two FXS doesn't mean much these days when I can get a Linksys PAP2T for $45 with better quality and more features. One feature that I like from my Linksys WRTG54GL using tomato firmware is the live bandwidth graphs.

Also a simple VPN solution like the QuickVPN client that Linksys provides with some of their routers would be nice. And maybe a simple VPN tunnel for linking two offices.

Besides the minor issue with the DDNS and caller ID most of the features work as advertised. It's nice to use a product that works, unlike my Linksys WRV200...great specs but lousy product.

If you are looking for a wireless router with really good QoS and couple of FXS ports this product is what you want!




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