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Linksys SPA941 SIP VOIP Phone Review PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 04 September 2007
This phone has been out for a while but if you do any kind of google search for a review you don't get much substance on what the phone is really like. The short answer is that the SPA941 is an okay phone. Just “okay” you ask...yes..just okay.

With the latest firmware it is a 4 line sip phone. Originally sold as a 2 line phone with the option to purchase a license to upgrade the phone to 4 lines. The same was true for the SPA942 and that was upgraded with firmware as well.

The main problem with the SPA941 is the speaker phone. If you do a lot of talking using the speaker phone forget about the SPA941. Originally sold as a Full duplex phone I see that in Linksys support forums it is described as Half Duplex. What does this mean? That you and your party can't talk at the same time. The more detailed explanation would be to say that the phone can't handle the two parties talking at the same time. It looks like both sides get muted and hearing becomes difficult.

What is even worse is through the firmware upgrades the SPA941 speaker volume has become really low. Even with the volume at full it is difficult to hear or to be heard. Another strange bug that has been introduced through firmware upgrades has been the sudden loss of audio when using the speaker phone. At somepoint during the call you cannot hear anything or be heard using the speaker phone. This is different than the problem described above. You have to pickup the handset in order to continue your conversation.

If you are thinking about purchasing this phone consider the SPA942 as it appears to be much better supported from Linksys. There appears to be constant updates to the SPA942 with new features and bug fixes while the SPA941 remains untouched.

The SPA941 does not have a back lit display, or dual ethernet ports, or PoE. If you need these features again consider the SPA942 or SPA962 .

What the SPA941 and SPA942 share is a good design. The phones do look and feel like business class phones. The handset has nice weight and the buttons are easy to identify. The going rate for this phone online is anyhwere from $95 to $125 which I think is a good deal unless you are looking for something with a good speaker phone!


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