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Linksys And Asterisk PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 05 October 2008

  Linksys has never officially supported Asterisk. The Linksys SPA942 is the worlds best selling IP phone. This is information from Cisco/Linksys presentation seminars that I have attended in the last couple of years. This is only a guess but I am willing to bet that most of those SPA942 phones are dangling off Asterisk systems and not Linksys LVS9000.

Even more indications that Linksys knows this is from the release of the SPA932 sidecar for the SPA962 phone. They have included third party support (Asterisk) along with the LVS9000. Another interesting note is that the LVS9000 can only support a max of 16 phones. The SPA962 can support not only one side car but two. That's a total of 64 phones that can be monitored. Why would Linksys release such a product if their own system can only handle a max of 16 phones. There is no real limit on how many phones Asterisk can support.

So why doesn't Linksys come right out and say that they support Asterisk? Well is clearly not to their advantage. By taking this silent approach they benefit from the Asterisk community supporting themselves. Linksys can also take it's sweet time fixing bugs related to Asterisk because officially they do not support Asterisk. They make money on the sales but save a huge amounts of money on support.

From looking at the Firmware upgrades it looks like Linksys is only interested in updating the SPA962

and SPA942. These are the top (most expensive) SIP phones that Linksys sells. I think Linksys will not not be offering anything but the 942/962 in the future...just my guess.



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