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Linksys Firmware Updates 6.3.1a for SPA922/942/962 - BLF's Finally! PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 05 October 2008

 Linksys Firmware Updates 6.3.1a for SPA922/942/962

•  Attended transfer enhancements
The SPA9x2 phones now support the transfer of a call that is on hold.
•  Programmable line keys
    Idle line keys on the SPA942 and SPA962 can be used for Busy Lamp Field,
    Speed Dial, and Call Pickup functions, as described below.
   Busy Lamp Field: The line button is used to monitor activity on another
    station. The LED indicates the line status:
        -   Red: Busy
        -   Red Fast Blink: Ringing
        -   Amber: Failed to subscribe (received 4xx response)
        -   Amber Slow Blink: Undefined (may be no response to subscribe, or BLF
             not specified)
        •   Call Pickup: The user can press the line button to answer a call that is
             ringing on the other station. This feature is available only when BLF is
   •   Speed Dial: The user can press the line button to place a call to the other
   To program a line key:
   a. Start Internet Explorer, and enter the IP address of the phone. Click the
       Admin Login link and then click advanced.
   b. Click the Phone tab.
   c. Find the Line Key that you want to configure, such as Line Key 1. Enter the
       following settings:
       -   From the Extension drop down list, choose Disabled.
       -   From the Share Call Appearance drop-down list, choose shared.
       -   Enter the rule in the Extended Function field, as described below.
       SYNTAX: fnc=type;sub=stationname@$PROXY;ext=extension#
       Example 1: Busy Lamp Field and Speed Dial:
       In this example, the line key is programmed as a shared line with extension
       103, Accounting. The button can be used for Busy Lamp Field, speed dial,
       and call pickup.
•  Configuration of missed call display per extension
   The user can configure the missed call log function for each extension, to avoid
   collecting unneeded missed call messages for shared lines. This option is
   found on the Phone > User tab of the Web UI. The Log Missed Calls for EXT N
   field can be set to Yes (missed calls are displayed) or No (missed calls are not
Other Updates
The following problems were fixed in firmware version 6.1.3:
•  One-way audio between SPA phones with different firmware versions

 Nothing however for the SPA941 or other Linksys SPAx phones.


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