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Latest Polycom Firmware PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Web Master   
Saturday, 15 November 2008

 One big piece of miss-information floating around the internet about Polycom is that  their latest IP phone firmware is only available to partners and resellers.

 The latest firmware is available to everyone, you just need to create an account on their site and register your phone. Once that is done the download area will have latest software listed. I do think that Polycom should make a better effort in detailing this little bit of info on their site. It would probably encourage more end users to purchase Polycom phones if they know the firmware is available for download.

 If you are doing searches on google and yahoo for latest firmware from polycom you end up with information (especially on trixbox/freepbx forums) that the Polycom firmware is only available to authorized partners and resellers. Not true! I just wish someone would speak out...I wasted enough time searching for this.Go to Polycom's site, create an account, register your phone with the mac/sn number. Go to download section while you are logged in with your account...and tada! Just download!





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