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Totek - Asterisk VoIP (SIP) News & Technology Source

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CallWeaver is a community-driven, vendor-independent, cross-platform, open source, PBX software project (formerly known as It was originally derived from Asterisk. Now it supports analog and digital PSTN telephony, multi-protocol voice
AskoziaPBX aims to make the power of Asterisk available to the average user in a slimmed down, embedded PC friendly form.
The commercial side of Asterisk. Here you will find commercial support and services offered by Digium. Also listed here is hardware that Digium produces that is compatible with Asterisk.
Digium Forums
Direct Link to Digium's Asterisk Forums
Official Asterisk Open Source Site. Download Full Source Code for Asterisk from here.
A value add Asterisk distribution. Is sold with hardware, modified, Asterisk, and additional software.
A complete ISO distribution that includes Asterisk and FreePBX
A web based dial plan manager for Asterisk
Asterisk Daily News
Asterisk Guru
Lots of tutorials and forums for Asterisk. Also support site for IDEFISK soft phone.
Voip Wiki
Lots of information about VOIP and Asterisk. Note: Lots of this user provided information is inaccurate and incomplete.
Small "recipes" for Asterisk to specific tasks.